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CategoríaEquipo Caballos
Precio 4000 € €
Descripción Dzeimsas - a 8 year old gelding for hobby, riding school or driving in carriage. An absolutely perfect horse for amateur rider. Dzeimsas is a universal horse. He has competition experience in dressage, showjumping arenas and has been competing with another horse in carriage. He used to jump up to 80cm and has taken part in preliminary level with amteur riders in dressage competition. Dzeimsas is be ridden children, too. Though he is a heavy horse, he moves forward by himself, is sensitive and soft on mouth. He also is used as a stunt horse for movies and various shows. He is a 100 % reliable horse. Dzeimsas does not afraid of traffic, noise and is absolutely safe. MORE INFO ; +370 684 30910
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Nombre: Horse sales
Dirección: none 1