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Datos del caballo

Nombre caballoMariah
Raza Pura Raza Española (P.R.E.)
Capa Negro
Año de nacimiento1996
Disciplina Doma vaquera
Nivel Medio
Sexo Entero
Alzada 16.3
Nacionalidad American
Precio 900 €

Línea paterna
Línea materna
niol fallo

Mariah is a 16.1 H and growing three year old. She will mature to 16.3 H and be gorgeous to behold as she is now! Mariah is a gentle sweet natured horse. She is a good minded trail horse. Never spooky. She has ridden hours and hours on the trails. Mariah is started in dressage and is coming along nicely although on video day she was strangely "up" and was nothing like she normally is. Go figure! She is mellow and quiet minded. Three nice gaits. She reaches and pushes from behind and has lovely reach in front! Mariah is also an excellent driving horse too! She is happy, forward, light and responsive. Solid in traffic! She has a lovely start and is ready to go on to whatever you have in mind for her. Dressage? Eventing? Combined Driving? She will do it all and look gorgeous doing it!
datos del propietario
Nombre: commifar
Dirección: brussels